Resiliency and a Positive Life!

To be resilient is to be able to recover from difficult situations quickly.  Not only can a resilient person recover but they can also thrive.  When  they thrive, often their life is better than it was before the difficulty.

At Divine Visions we work with many people who have had difficulties in life.  Some have had failed relationships and several divorces from bad marriages.  Some have overcome a life of drugs and alcohol that destroyed many relationships.  Others have been hurt and ostracized by churches who didn’t think they were good enough to worship there.

At Divine Visions meetings we usually see a change in the individual almost immediately.  They are made to feel welcome, no matter what their past may hold.  They see they are accepted the way they are.  They begin to see value in their abilities and capabilities.  They grow spiritually, emotionally, relationally.  And this is exciting to see.

At Divine Visions we emphasize the positive, not the negative; the person’s strengths, not their weaknesses.  We offer them ways to see themselves as God sees them.  We think positive, therefore we are positive.  We encourage rather than discourage.

Our teachings are based upon Biblical principles but we never, never “beat you over the head with the Bible”.  We look at the Bible as the Life Recovery Book as well as the inspired Word of God.  When you begin to meditate with our way of Guided Christian Meditation, the Bible and the spiritual world comes alive with excitement and understanding.

All of this leads to resiliency and a positive life.  A life with purpose.  A life lived in light rather than in darkness.  A holy life without pride, arrogance or condescending nature.  A humble simple way even if you live in a busy, hurried world.  A time to be still and know that God is God.