One Day Alone With God Retreats

The One Day Alone With God Retreats are a beginning of the Spiritual Path for many. Most of the participants have never taken the time to be silent or still for a day. They may pray daily but not most of the day as in when on retreat. They may have fasted in between meals but not for an entire day devoted to God. And most have never meditated in a way that we are commanded by God to do. 

These retreats are Christian oriented and much time is spent in prayer, meditation and fasting while on the retreat.  We teach “Awakening Prayers” which are prayers to awaken our consciousness about what ever we are praying for.  We use “fasting: in a broad sense such as fasting from food and/or water; fasting from negative thoughts; fasting from anxiety, depression or anger.  In other words fasting is whatever you desire to cease that day in order to honor God.  We teach and utilize “Christian Meditation” as a way of deepening your relationship with God.

We hold our events in a place of nature such as a state park, a retreat center or in the wilderness mountains.

Friday nights are spent around a campfire enjoying a crackling fire, stars, listening to the sounds of nature and fellowshipping with others.  We enjoy a meal and fellowship and then spend time recapping some of the lessons that have been provided before the actual retreat.

Saturday morning begins with a vow of silence.  Each participant is taken to a place in nature where they will spend the day in prayer, fasting and meditation.  Saturday afternoon we reconvene and share our experiences.

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