Prayer and Communion

At the weekly Divine Visions Worship and Meditation meetings, the participants gather in a group.  Usually there is small talk of how everyone’s week has been going, etc.  Then as the meeting begins, an introductory prayer is prayed.  Any specific prayer requests are prayed for as well as prayer that God will bless the meeting and study.

The in-depth Bible study then begins and this study usually lasts about an hour.  During the study time participants listen and interact by asking questions and discussing the various topics in the Bible study.

Communion is recognized in a two-fold way.  There is communion between the participants in the study and there is communion between the participants and God.  In a traditional way, bread in the form of crackers and fruit of the vine in the form of grape juice is served to the participants representing the body and blood of Jesus who was crucified so that we could live forgiven.  A quiet time is observed in order to give the participants time to focus on their communion time with God.