Guided Christian Meditation

Meditation is found in the Bible several times.  Depending on which version you use, meditation or meditate can be found approximately 18 times. (Genesis 24:63; Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:2; Psalm 39:3; Psalm 48:9; Psalm 77:3; Psalm 77:6; Psalm 77:12; Psalm 119:15; Psalm 119:23; Psalm 119:27; Psalm 119:48; Psalm 119:78; Psalm 119:97; Psalm 119:99, Psalm 119:148; Psalm 143:5; Psalm 145:5).

What is meditation?

Webster’s online dictionary defines meditation as: “a state of contemplation; reflect deeply; think intently.  The problem with meditation is that many Christians believe it to be a “new age” practice or eastern religion.  They have been mislead into believing that meditation empties the mind and allows Satan the opportunity to enter the mind.  If this is meditation, then why not allow God to enter your mind.

What is guided meditation?

Guided meditation is meditating with the assistance of someone who guides you through the process.  It allows the meditator to relax, enter a state of inner stillness, eliminate stress and facilitate emotional healing and spiritual change.

How does guided Christian meditation work?

In a Divine Visions Worship and Meditation meeting, an in-depth Bible study is conducted and afterwards the participants are asked to relax, close their eyes, and listen to the leader talk in a soft, calm voice.  The leader leads the participants into a mental imagery of what has been discussed during the Bible study.  The participants use their imagination and creativity to form their own scenarios.

For instance, if the in-depth Bible study had been about the first Passover, during the guided Christian meditation, the participant might imagine they are present during this time period and experiencing being spared from dying because blood had been placed upon their door like God instructed the Hebrew people.  Then they might experience what it was like to travel with God’s people through the parted Red Sea and feel what it was like to finally be free from slavery.