Awakening Prayers

Awakening Prayers are an integral part of Divine Visions.  We teach and use Awakening Prayers in our retreats and in the weekly Bible studies.

We usually begin our activity, whether it is at a retreat or the weekly Bible Study, with prayer.  The Awakening Prayers can be centered around the Biblical events we have studied or they can be about what is on our mind or what the Spirit has laid upon our heart to pray. 

The Awakening Prayers invoke a time of rest and reflection.  They also induce calmness and a sense of being still so that we can enter God’s Presence more fully.  We calm our mind and bodies and listen to the one who is praying.  The prayer is a prayer of thankfulness and gratitude for the message and meaning the Spirit has shown us through the bible study or the retreat.  Sometimes we imagine actually being in the bible story and witnessing the events we have studied and in this manner we can more fully understand the relevance of these scriptures in our current life.

Below you will find a couple examples of Awakening Prayers.  Click on them to listen to the Awakening Prayer.

Awakening Prayer after reading Gospel of John:4, the woman at the well.

Awakening Prayer to Awaken to Fear